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Carbide Machine knives
Carbide Machine knives

Mitsubishi Carbide Corrugated Slitting Knives

Model:Mitsubishi Carbide Corrugated Slitting Knives D280*d160*1

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Product Description

Carbide Corrugated  Slitting knives are our company's main advantage products  They are mainly used for slitting process of corrugated carton paper.

Fifteen years ago, since we developed the first carbide corrugated carton paper slitting knife , With the development of our company and the improvement of technology, we have been advancing on the road of seeking excellent quality.

Now we have developed into a manufacturer and supplier of top cutting tools in China and even the world. Products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world,

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Carbide Machine knives

Carbide Machine knives

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