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HPGR carbide pin
HPGR carbide pin
HPGR carbide pin

waterjet mixing tubes D8*d1.0*101.6

Model:HPGR carbide pin
Code:HPGR carbide pin

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Product Description

    Waterjet Abrasive Nozzles



    Waterjet abrasive nozzles are used in high-pressure waterjet cutting equipment, high-pressure cleaning equipment and other high-pressure equipment that requires extremely high wear resistance. The waterjet abrasive nozzles produced by our company are suitable for the world's major waterjet equipment brands such as FLOW, OMAX, KMT, and DARDI.


    *Main cutting materials for waterjet sand pipes:

    Stainless steel, stone cutting. marble cutting, aluminum plate, glass, ceramic tile, leather, cardboard cutting etc.


    *Why choose waterjet cutting?

    Waterjet cutting is recognized as the most environmentally friendly cutting method in the world. It uses the huge energy generated by the water added with abrasives under high pressure to cut the workpiece. Compared with the general cutting method, the advantage is that the cutting accuracy is higher. Compared with laser cutting , Water cutting will not change the molecular structure of the workpiece, without any dust generation, and can cut various complex shapes with numerical control equipment. It is a trend of the international cutting industry in the future.


    *Why choose us, 

    Zigong City Xinhua Industry Co,.Ltd is a high-quality waterjet mixing tubes manufacturer in China. We have 10 years of experience in the development and production of waterjet abrasive nozzles.

    From raw materials to processing are completed by our company, we guarantee long service life, stable product quality, and competitive prices.

    Our company is a global  supplier of FLOW, OMAX, KMT .


    *Main specifications













































                              OD (mm)


                               ID (mm)


                        LENGTH (mm)








































    1: Can you provide free samples?

    Yes, we can provide free sample testing after confirming the cooperation intention

    2: How many hours can your company's tubes work?

    Generally speaking, our products can work for 100-120 hours on average, which is the reference average service life.

    The time of the waterjet sand pipe is slightly different according to the pressure and processing conditions of the waterjet equipments.

    2: How about the lead time and shipping method?

    Our company has a large stock for regular sizes, which can be delivered quickly within 1-3 days, and for customized sizes are delivered within 15-20 days. We will use FEDEX, DHL service for delivery.Generally speaking, you can get them within 5-7 days.

    3: How do you guarantee the quality?

    Each of our products will undergo strict quality inspections before shipment to ensure that each product has a stable and high quality. Our after-sales service personnel will follow up after-sales service and provide 24-hour service to answer your questions.

    4: Can your company provide OEM services?

    Yes, if the cooperation is stable , we can OEM production for the company under the authorization of your company.






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